Save the Railroad


All of our efforts to preserve our history and grow our future haven’t been enough to convince the State of New York to complete the restoration of the rails and develop a network of trails that would make this Corridor the envy of the tourism industry. Instead, they are proposing to remove the tracks north of Tupper Lake and replace them with a trail. This would not only eliminate currently operational track, but would only allow us to bring passengers, including families, senior citizens, and people with physical challenges to Tupper Lake and tell them to walk the last 34 miles to visit the Olympic sites in Lake Placid.

We need your help to continue the fight to restore the rail service for the entire Corridor. There are many ways to help aide our organization – by volunteering, joining as a member, or donating to a specific project. Although the ARPS supports our operation via ticket sales, tax-deductible donations help to further equipment restoration projects, outreach, and now an inevitable legal challenge to New York State’s ill-conceived proposal to remove active rail line.

How You Can Help